Upskilling the Talent Pool in India

Our vision is to ensure that every individual finds opportunities to leverage and nurture their potential by working in jobs that bring out their best.

About Starof

Reimagining human capital development

At the workplace, the right combination of soft skills, character traits, and career goals matter the most. We often hear recruiters asking the question, ‘Is this candidate a good fit?’ Professionals want to work on areas that excite, inspire and foster the best qualities in them. Companies want to acquire and retain talent who can channelise their energy and skills to drive business growth. In the era of digital recruitment, very little attention is paid to matching individuals with organisations in a manner that solves the problem of fit, both for the recruiter and the job seeker. We aim to bridge this gap by using a more holistic approach and applying a matchmaking style to hiring.

At Starof, it is our mission to help match individuals with organisations more efficiently. We turn the spotlight on candidates, and take into account the applicant’s personal attributes, and key criteria like aspirations and skills. We evaluate individuals on their strengths and match them to opportunities where they can have the most significant impact. Our hybrid assessment model combines the scale of computerised testing with the qualitative depth of human evaluation.

With our integrated talent matching model (ITMM®), we help employers and job seekers make informed decisions.

For job seekers

We help you shine brighter and get discovered with:

  • Initial interview
  • Interview with a Starof Expert
  • Online skill assessment
  • AI-assisted opportunity matching
  • Feedback and training

For recruiters

We help you recruit star performers by:

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of your talent requirements
  • AI-assisted talent matching
  • Shortlisting right candidates
  • Facilitating interviews with shortlisted candidates
  • Liaising with recruiters and candidates to extend offers
  • Supporting the on-boarding process
105 years of collective experience

Meet our team

Starof is led by a team of industry experts with in-depth knowledge of talent acquisition and human capital development.

About the Group

Challenging the norm since 1989

Starof is a subsidiary of the Yashoda Group. The Group was established in 1989 and has a diverse business portfolio with operations spanning major sectors including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, IT & ITeS, Chemical Engineering, special materials and education, and has a workforce of about 6000 employees.