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How To Approach Java, Databases, and SQL [Video]

Learn how to save thumbnail data to a database to render our pictures to a nice HTML gallery page and finish the proof of concept for our Google Photos clone.

Collections Utility Class - Sip of Java

The Collections Utility class was added in JDK 1.2 and was most recently updated in JDK 8. The Collections Utility class provides an API for working with classes. in the Collections framework; Collections, Lists, Maps, and Sets.

Streamlining Java with JEP 443: Ushering in a New Era of Java Code Readability

JEP 443, Unnamed Patterns and Variables (Preview), has been Completed from Targeted status for JDK 21. This preview JEP proposes to "enhance the language.

Effective Java Collection Framework: Best Practices and Tips

In this blog, we learn effectively use the Java Collection Framework, consider factors like utilizing the enhanced for loop, generics, and avoiding raw types.

Preserving the Mental Map when Visualizing Dynamic Graphs

The work presented here is performed as part of the joint research project between Oracle, Uppsala University and KTH.Follow the blog series here at to read.

AWS Open-Sources Policy-Based Access Control Language Cedar

AWS has open-sourced Cedar, their language for defining access permissions using policies. Cedar is integrated within both Amazon Verified Permissions.

Solve the Java Spring Boot Enum

This article explains how to solve the Java Spring Boot enum ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException using a method that is proven to work.While using the Spring Boot application, I saved some values in the database.

Evolving the Security of the Java Platform

Maintaining and improving the security of the Java platform is an essential and continuous process. This session will discuss recent improvements to Java’s.

Unlock the Mysteries of AWS Lambda Invocation: Asynchronous vs. Synchronous

Unlock the full potential of your AWS Lambda functions with this deep dive into the differences between asynchronous and synchronous invocations.

Hands-on with Java and Wasm

Compiling Java code to WebAssembly is an efficient way to get it running in a web browser, and you get a serious performance boost. Let's check it out.WebAssembly, or Wasm, provides a generalized, lightweight native binary.

Project Panama: Interconnecting the Java Virtual Machine and Native Code

Project Panama improves and enriches the connections between the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and non-Java APIs,, including many interfaces commonly used by C.

The Power of ShardingSphere With Spring Boot

Learn how to use Apache ShardingSphere with Spring Boot to enable sharding, read-write splitting, and data masking.I have developed a small-scale application.

JEP 444: Virtual Threads Arrive in JDK 21, Ushering a New Era of Concurrency

JEP 444, Virtual Threads, was promoted from Proposed to Target to Targeted status for JDK 21.This feature provides virtual threads, lightweight threads that dramatically.

How To Build a Spring Boot GraalVM Image

In this article, readers will use a tutorial to learn how to build a Spring Boot GraalVM images and using Reflection, including guide code block examples.

Java source code could switch to UTF-8 encoding

The current state of ‘ill-defined encoding’ creates unnecessary problems when working with the JDK codebase, an OpenJDK proposal says.

Oracle Introduces a New Java SE Universal Subscription

Oracle has introduced the new Java SE Universal subscription and pricing, replacing the now legacy Java SE and Java SE Desktop subscriptions as of January 2023.

Implementing PEG in Java

Continue exploring PEG implementations in this look into the basic implementation of scanner-less PEG parsers.In Part 1 of the series on PEG implementation, I explained the basics of Parser Expression Grammar.

Easy Smart Contract Debugging With Truffle’s Console.log

If you’re a Solidity developer, you’ll be excited to hear that Truffle now supports console logging in Solidity smart contracts. Let's look at how.

Spring Cloud: How To Deal With Microservice Configuration (Part 1)

In this article, we cover how to use a Spring Cloud Configuration module to implement a minimal microservice scenario based on a remote configuration.

Project Valhalla: A look inside Java’s epic refactor

Valhalla is nothing short of a Java language overhaul, promising to correct longstanding performance issues. Here's a first look at what's coming, starting with the new.

Deploying Java Serverless Functions as AWS Lambda

Learn about SAM (superset of CloudFormation) including some special commands and shortcuts to ease Java serverless code development, testing, and deployment.

Spring Cloud: How To Deal With Microservice Configuration (Part 1)

In this article, we cover how to use a Spring Cloud Configuration module to implement a minimal microservice scenario based on a remote configuration.

The best new features in ASP.NET Core 7

The latest version of Microsoft’s web application development framework brings excellent new capabilities to middleware, minimal API apps, and more. Here are the highlights.

GraphQL vs REST: Differences, Similarities, and Why To Use Them

In this article, readers will learn about the differences and similarities between GraphQL and REST and why and how to use them, along with guide visuals.

How Aerospike Document Database supports real-time applications

Document databases offer a wonderfully flexible data model that often leads to scaling and performance issues. Here’s how Aerospike overcomes these challenges.

How To Scan a URL for Malicious Content and Threats in Java

This article discusses some of the threats posed by URL links and provides a free-to-use URL Security API with complementary, ready-to-run Java code snippets.

Curly Braces #8: REST peacefully with GraphQL and Java

I’ve been RESTing happily since the early 2000s after Roy Fielding’s doctoral dissertation, “Architectural styles and the design of network-based software architectures.

How to build a neural network in Java

The best way to understand neural networks is to build one for yourself. Let's get started with creating and training a neural network in Java Artificial neural networks are a form of deep learning.

Hidden gems in Java 19, Part 1: The not-so-hidden JEPs

Java 19’s JEPs contain previews and incubators for pattern matching for switch expressions, record expressions, virtual threads, structured concurrency.

The Generic Way To Convert Between Java and PostgreSQL Enums

Review the generic way of converting between Java and PostgreSQL enums, utilizing the cast operator of PostgreSQL.

JS Animated Radar Chart With TypeScript and NodeJS

Learn how to easily develop a JavaScript animated radar chart using TypeScript, NodeJS, and LightningChart JS data visualization library.

Apache Kafka Essentials

Dive into Apache Kafka: Readers will review its history and fundamental components — Pub/Sub, Kafka Connect, and Kafka Streams. Key concepts in these areas are supplemented.

Intro to the Observable design pattern

The Observable design pattern is used in many important Java APIs. One well-known example is a JButton that uses the ActionListener API to execute an action. In this example, we have an ActionListener.

Securing Developer Tools: Argument Injection in Visual Studio Code

This article demonstrates how a vulnerability in one of the VS Code URL handlers could lead to the execution of arbitrary commands on the victim's host.

(Deep) Cloning Objects in JavaScript

Cloning objects in JavaScript (and in other languages) is a tricky task. Let's see different options and check the performance.Even when you pass an object to a function or method, you are passing this object by reference.

Jenkins Pipeline Script to Build and Deploy Application on Web Server

Jenkins Pipeline as script provides us with a more flexible way to create our pipeline. Let's discuss Jenkins Pipeline script to build and deploy apps.

Efficient JSON serialization with Jackson and Java

When you’re building distributed systems in Java, the problem of serialization naturally arises. Briefly, serialization is the act of creating a representation.

Test an IoT Platform With Open-Source Tools

This demo of JMeter using EMQX shows how to introduce performance test tools to verify and test platform-related quality indicators.

Spring Boot for Cloud: REST API Development

An overview of Spring Boot framework features that are especially important in the context of Spring Cloud applications.

What is the JRE? Introduction to the Java Runtime Environment

The JRE creates the JVM and ensures dependencies are available to your Java programs. It plays a vital role in devops and cloud configurations.

Three Ways To Separate Plain Text From HTML Using Java

On each webpage we visit, we are confronted with a huge variety of multimedia content, all of which is put together and presented using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

Using the JShell API to implement a Java Source Browser

Starting with JDK 19, jshell highlights keywords, identifiers and deprecated APIs in Java snippets. That new feature is also exposed via the jshell API.

Build a Java Backend That Connects With Salesforce

The Salesforce ecosystem is pretty massive. Developers need to work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest features and tools coming from Salesforce.

Simulating and Troubleshooting OOMError in Kotlin

As we look at simulating and troubleshooting performance problems in Kotlin, learn how to simulate the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java Heap space.

Intro to virtual threads: A new approach to Java concurrency

Virtual threads take the responsibility for allocating system resources out of your application code and into the JVM instead. Here's a first look at virtual threads.

Java’s New Threat Model

Over the last decade of cloud migration, the threat model against Java applications and the way that we need to defend them has shifted. OpenJDK has made one positive change in this area already by deprecating the old .

Mock gRPC Services for Unit Testing

In our day-to-day work, we develop applications that include interactions with software components through I/O. They can be a database, a broker, or some form of blob storage. Take, for example, the cloud components.

Pre-Allocated Methods for HashMap and HashSet - Sip of Java

The classes HashMap and HashSet have been part of the JDK since JDK 1.2; however, for much of this time, these classes, and child classes of them.

Java Records — Etched in Finality

This article uses a story format to show the concept of records in Java. It shows the different concepts and parts that make up the records, including a restricted identifier, java.lang.Record, Components, Canonical, Compact.

What is the JVM? Introducing the Java virtual machine

The Java virtual machine manages application memory and provides a portable execution environment for Java-based applications. Developers reap the rewards.

Designing and Querying JSON in Databend

Various platforms share JSON data through open interfaces. This post dives into the JSON data type in Databend.

The Age of Virtual Threads

Virtual threads and structured concurrency are two features added in JDK 19 (as Preview and Incubation respectively) that will change the way we write high-throughput servers.

How To Validate Names Using Java

Gain context of three separate API solutions which can be used to validate name input fields within an application as you follow along with this demonstration.Names are an important part of our identity.

JEP 431: Sequenced Collections

Introduce new interfaces to represent collections with a defined encounter order. Each such collection has a well-defined first element, second element, and so forth, up to the last element.

What is Kotlin? The Java alternative explained

Kotlin offers big advantages over Java for JVM and Android development, and plays nicely with Java in the same projects.

8 Java frameworks for embedded development

Developers writing embedded Java applications have a stack of frameworks and other tools to choose from. Here are the best Java frameworks used for embedded.

Top 5 JavaScript Mistakes That Developers Make and Their Solutions

Things to keep in mind while doing JavaScript development. Here are some of the common JavaScript development mistakes with their solution.

What is JSP? Introduction to Jakarta Server Pages

One of the original Java web technologies, JSP is still widely used with servlets and JSTL. Here's how to use Jakarta Server Pages to build dynamic web pages.

Ultra-Fast Microservices: The Enterprise Integration Makes It Easy

In this article, explore more about the integration between MicroStream, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile, thanks to CDI.

JavaFX 19 rich client Java platform arrives

Update extends H.265 video support to HTTP Live Streaming, adds CSS focus indicators, and fixes modal behavior and touch-screen bugs.

Brewing Patterns in Java: An Informal Primer

Not so long ago, Java lovers were engulfed by a mammoth addition — yes, we all know, right? — the Lambda Expressions in Java 1.8! Eclipsed by lambda.

JDK 19: The new features in Java 19

September release will feature structured concurrency, virtual threads, pattern matching for switch expressions, a vector API, and a Linux/RISC-V port.Java Development Kit 19, a non-LTS (long-term support) release.

Mocking the java.time API for Better Testability

Date/time logic has many edge cases. Here, we'll look at strategies to bend the clock to your will for better testability.

Intro to MicroStream: Super-fast serialization in Java

MicroStream is a modern Java object graph persistence layer that achieves high performance through a vastly superior approach to serialization. Let’s take a look.

Decorator Pattern to Solve Integration Scenarios in Existing Systems

This article provides an example of how the Java Decorator Pattern helps create designs from scratch.

What is Tomcat? The original Java servlet container

Everything you need to know about Tomcat: The high-availability Java and Jakarta EE application server.

4 Major Steps Of Web Application Penetration Testing

In this article, learn the four major steps involved in the process of penetration testing for web applications.

7 Ways to Dramatically Reduce Your Time in Code Review

Code reviews can be painful. Explore 7 best practices to make the code review process a better experience.

Java’s Encapsulation - When the Getter and Setter Became Your Enemy

We know that we should reduce the visibility of the field as much as possible, but it will be a waste.

Top 7 Features in Jakarta EE 10 Release

Java EE was the dominant force behind all the enterprise development in Java. Lately, it was renamed Jakarta EE, transitioning from JCP to Eclipse Foundation.

Abstract classes vs. interfaces in Java

When should you choose an abstract class over an interface in Java? Take the challenge! Learn the difference between these Java language elements.

8 Java frameworks for a cloud-native world

These lighter-weight Java frameworks combine cloud-native flexibility with Java’s time-tested engineering.

Delegating JWT Validation for Greater Flexibility

Java decoupled solution for validating JSON Web Tokens, using callbacks and thus promoting decoupling.

Making Your Life Easier Around Data With Java and Jakarta EE

This article will cover more about the next steps of Jakarta EE around the world of data and its techniques.

Intro to JHipster: A full-stack framework for Java and JavaScript

A mature framework for generating hybrid Java and JavaScript applications, JHipster supports.

JVM C1, C2 Compiler Thread: High CPU Consumption?

In this post, let’s learn a little more about C1 and C2 compiler threads and how to address their high CPU.

Better Java: JDK Enhancement Proposals explained

How is Java made? Let’s take a look at the process for introducing new features to the platform, and at some.

JDK 19: The new features in Java 19

Virtual threads, pattern matching for switch expressions, a vector API, and a Linux/RISC-V port are slated for Java 19,a non-LTS release of standard Java.

JEP 428: Structured Concurrency to Simplify Java Multithreaded Programming

JEP 428, Structured Concurrency (Incubator), has been promoted from Candidate to Proposed to Target status.

What is JPA? Introduction to the Jakarta Persistence API

Get to know the Java ORM standard for storing, accessing, and managing Java objects in a relational or NoSQL.

Intro to Micronaut: A cloud-native Java framework

Micronaut offers ahead-of-time compilation, reactive NIO, and cloud-native support for microservices.

Modernize Legacy Code in Production: Rebuild Your Airplane Midflight

I spent over a decade as a consultant working for dozens of companies in many fields and pursuits.

What is JDBC? Introduction to Java Database Connectivity

Get an overview of JDBC's architecture, then learn how to connect to a database and handle SQL queries.

Usage of Java Streams and Lambdas in Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial, get a glimpse of applications of Java Lambdas and Streams in Selenium to simplify.

JDK 19: The features targeted for Java 19

Virtual threads, pattern matching for switch expressions, a vector API, and a Linux/RISC-V port are slated for Java 19, a non-LTS release of standard Java.

Removing JavaScript: How To Use HTML With Htmx and Reduce the Amount of Code

In this article, learn about htmx and how it can help you reuse elements on the server, reduce the amount.

SAST in Secure SDLC: 3 Reasons to Integrate It in a DevSecOps Pipeline

Vulnerabilities produce enormous reputational and financial risks. As a result, many companies.

What is a data lake? Massively scalable storage for big data analytics

Dive into data lakes—what they are, how they're used, and how data lakes are both different.

Processing Images in Java With OpenCV and Quarkus

If you are into computer vision, you probably are familiar with OpenCV. It's an amazing library that has almost.

8 great new JavaScript language features in ES12

ECMAScript 2021 highlights include replaceAll(), promise.any(), AggregateError, and new logical.

Why a Site Reliability Engineer Is Important to Your CI/CD Pipeline

Written from firsthand SRE experience, this article touches on the importance of SREs and some of the key.

What is Git? Version control for collaborative programming

Invented for Linux kernel development, Git version control now powers millions of projects across the globe.

JVM Memory Architecture and GC Algorithm Basics

This article discusses the basic concept of JDK8 and upwards memory management with heap and stack.

Orchestrating data for machine learning pipelines

Machine learning workloads require large datasets, while machine learning workflows require high data.

Java Development in 2022: Predictions and Selected Trends

A lot of apps still work on Java 8 — and it is easy to see why. It is still supported by many vendors.

Intro to Lit: A JavaScript framework

Lit is a fast, lightweight, reactive framework for building web components that work just about anywhere. Let's get started with Lit.

Java UUID Generation: Performance Impact

Here is a real-world thread dump report of an application that was suffering from this problem.

Debugging Race Conditions in Production

Race conditions can occur when a multithreaded application accesses a shared resource using over.

Polymorphism and Dynamic Binding in Java

Polymorphism is an Object-Oriented-Programming concept. Whether you are new to Java programming.

Spring Boot: Cross-Origin AJAX HTTP Requests

What is CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)? In this Spring Boot video tutorial, we take a closer.

JDK 18 G1/Parallel/Serial GC changes

Time flew by and JDK 18 GA is around the corner. Let me summarize changes and in particular improvements in Hotspot´s stop-the-world garbage collectors.

JEP 422: Linux/RISC-V Port

The RISC-V ISA is actually a family of related ISAs, of which there are currently four base ISAs. Each base ISA can be configured with one or more standard extensions.

Alternatives to DTO

I believed (and still do) that it should be a thing of the past. Yet, it seems its usage is still widespread. I do not deny there are some valid reasons to transform data.

Update User Details in API Test Client Using REST Assured [Video]

In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Boot and update user details in an API test client using REST.

Going Beyond Java 8: Compact Strings

According to some surveys such as that of JetBrains, version 8 of Java is currently the most used by developers all over the world, despite being a 2014 release.

Spring Boot: Testing Service Layer Code with JUnit 5 and Mockito, RESTful Web Services

In the video below, we take a closer look at the Spring.

Project Loom: Understand the new Java concurrency model

Project Loom introduces lightweight and efficient virtual threads called fibers, massively increasing resource.

Synchronization in Java, Part 3: Atomic operations and deadlocks

This third article in a series on thread synchronization describes volatile fields, final variables, atomic.

Train Stanford CoreNLP about the sentiment of domain-specific phrases

Make sure your Java application knows that a “five-star” review is positive, not neutral, when it performs.

Spring Boot: User Login API Test Client Using Rest Assured

In this Spring Boot video tutorial, take a closer look at the User Login API Test Client and API automation.

Spring Boot Delete User Details API Test Client Using Rest Assured | API Testing Using Rest Assured

In this video tutorial, take a closer look at Spring boot.

Rust programming for Java developers

No programmers are happier with their language than Rust programmers. And if you know Java, you’ll find Rust relatively easy to learn.

Leverage Java 17 New Features to Create Your Wordle Checker - JEP Café #10

How to use Java 17 new features, i.e. Records, Switch Expression and Pattern Matching for Switch.

Sentiment analysis in Java: Analyzing multisentence text blocks

Sentiment analysis tells you if text conveys a positive, negative, or neutral message. When applied to a stream.

Avoiding Stringly-Typed in Kotlin

My experience has taught me to favor strong typing and avoid typos. In this post, I want to list down some alternatives to using String for you to do the same.

Domain Logic Design Patterns in Java: Transaction Script, Domain Model, Table Module, and Service Layer

In the video, we take a closer look at Domain Logic.

Debugging Tutorial: Java Return Value, IntelliJ Jump to Line, and More

I just published the 3rd episode of the "140 Second Duckling" tutorial series and I'm getting into the rhythm of doing them. I posted the 2nd episode last week.

Card Table Card Size Shenanigans

JDK 18 introduces configurable card table card sizes with JDK-8272773. This post tries to show you what the card table is, and why you might want to play around with this new option.

Understanding OpenJDK and Why You Should Use It

OpenJDK is the development kit for Java, the language with 26 years of history behind it. It is not a new language by any standards, especially in the industry.

Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 19: Constant class entries ending in '/'

The OpenJDK Quality Group promotes the testing of FOSS projects with OpenJDK builds as a way to improve the overall quality of the release.

How to Rectify R Package Error in Android Studio plays a vital role in Android application advancement. It is utilized to distinguish all assets' information; for example, ID, format, picture, drawable.

Spring Boot Secured By Let's Encrypt

In this post, learn how to use the Let's Encrypt tool with Spring Boot to generate HTTPS certificates and automatically renew them.In my previous blog post, we became familiar with the configuration.

Spring vs. Jakarta EE: Defining Injectable Beans

Dependency Injection is one of the core features in the heart of modern application development frameworks. In a nutshell, the process of dependency injection.

Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 19: Constant class entries ending in '/'

The OpenJDK Quality Group promotes the testing of FOSS projects with OpenJDK builds as a way to improve the overall quality of the release.

High-Performance Java Serialization to Different Formats

Java serialization is a popular mechanism where you are able to serialize and deserialize complex object graphs; for example where object A can contain a reference.

Java: Visitor Design Pattern

Take a closer look at the Visitor Design Pattern in Java. This video tutorial includes an introduction, real-time examples, a class diagram, and implementation.In the video below, we take a closer look at the Visitor Design.

Getting Started With JPA/Hibernate

This article will get you started with the Hibernate implementation of JPA. We will use only standard features and cover the basics to provide an overview. JPA was born as the acronym for Java Persistence API.

Adapter Design Pattern in Java: Mobile Charger

In this video tutorial, take a closer look at the adapter design pattern in Java (Mobile Charger) with an introduction, example, implementation, and more.

Interpreter Design Pattern in Java

In the video below, we take a closer look at the Interpreter Design pattern in Java. This tutorial includes an introduction, real-time examples, a class diagram, and implementation. Let's get started.

Refactoring Java 8 code with Java 17 new features - JEP Café #9 is a collection of curated content produced by members of the Java Platform Group at Oracle. Content includes blog posts, mailing list activity, conference talks.

How to handle Java errors and cleanup without finalize

Java’s finalize method will be deprecated in Java 18 and removed entirely in a future release. Let’s look at the alternatives.

Intro to Spring Data MongoDB Reactive and How to Move It to the Cloud

In this post, we're going to see how to configure and implement database operations using Reactive Programming through Spring Data Reactive Repositories.

Learn How to Create Thread Pool in Java and How to Reuse Thread

Learn about the thread pool and how to create it in Java from scratch. This post includes an intro, implementation, and testing of a simple thread pool version.

Simpler object and data serialization using Java records

Record classes enhance Java’s ability to model plain-data aggregates without a lot of coding verbosity or, in the phrase used in JEP 395, without too much ceremony.

Curly Braces #1: Java and a project monorepo

Welcome to “Curly Braces,” Eric Bruno’s new Java Magazine column. Just as braces (used, for example, in if, while, and for statements) are critical elements.

Use Python and R in your Java applications with GraalVM

GraalVM is an open source project from Oracle that includes a modern just-in-time (JIT) compiler for Java bytecode, allows ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation.

Authentication With Remote LDAP Server in Spring WebFlux

A guide for Java developers who want to integrate Spring Boot Webflux applications with a remote LDAP server and authenticate/authorize their users with JWT.

Getting Started With Quarkus Serverless Functions

A top priority for Java apps — whether running on physical servers, VMs, or in the cloud — is continuous availability, which can create a costly burden.

Making Readable Code With Dependency Injection and Jakarta CDI

Within programming, object orientation (also known as OOP) is one of the wealthiest paradigms in documentation and standards, as with dependency.

Optimization Techniques Using Java Streams

The incredible amounts of data collected by digital technologies have created an explosion of big data analysis. It allows companies, governments.

Flyweight Design Pattern in Java

In the video below, we take a closer look at the Flyweight Design pattern in Java. This tutorial includes an introduction, real-time example, implementation, and key points. Let's get started!

Authentication With Remote LDAP Server in Spring WebFlux

In my previous article, we covered authentication and authorization with remote LDAP servers in Spring Web MVC. Since base concepts are the same, some sections.

Java: How Object Reuse Can Reduce Latency and Improve Performance

While the use of objects in object-oriented languages such as Java provides an excellent way of abstracting away complexity, frequent object creation can come.

Modern file input/output with Java: Going fast with NIO and NIO.2

Reach for these low-level Java APIs when you need to move a lot of file data or socket data quickly. This article is about achieving high performance in terms of file.

12 handy debugging tips from Cay Horstmann’s Core Java

From using jconsole to monitoring uncaught exceptions, here are a dozen tips that may be worth trying before you launch your favorite IDE’s debugger.

Java 17 Deep Dive

The features released between Java 11 and Java 17 have brought a greater opportunity for developers to improve application development productivity as well and code expressiveness and readability. In this deep-dive session.

How to beat the End in Minecraft Bedrock and Java (2022)

The game of Minecraft most definitely has an end, quite literally. There is a realm in Minecraft called the End, where players can go to finish the game.

The First Annual Recap From JPA Buddy

This article tells the history behind one of the most trending IntelliJ IDEA plugin - JPA Buddy. Also, it provides some insights about issues using JPA, Hibernate, Spring Data, etc.

Distributing a Java Command-Line Application

In this article, I'll show you how to package and distribute a java command-line application and the challenges one has to face to implement it.

NullPointerException in Java: Causes and Ways to Avoid It

This article explains what NullPointerException is with its common causes and best practices you can do to avoid NPE. Read on to find out more!

Lazy Load Design Pattern in Java: An Introduction and Implementation

In the video below, we take a closer look at Lazy Load Design Pattern in Java with an introduction and implementation. Let's get started!

Where To Use the Underscore in Java

In this post of our series “Stranger things in Java” - dedicated to Java insights, we will try to clarify the use of the underscore symbol "_" in Java programming. This series of articles called “Stranger things in Java.

Factory Design Pattern: Introduction, Examples, and Key Points

In this video tutorial, we introduce factory design patterns and abstract factory design patterns with examples and key points.

Observer Design Pattern in Java: Introduction, Example, and Key Points

In the video below, we take a closer look at the Observer Design Pattern in Java. The tutorial will provide an introduction, example, and key points. Let's get started.

Java: Creating Terabyte Sized Queues with Low-Latency

Learn how to create Java queues that can sustain millions of events per second and that can hold terabytes of data. Queues are often fundamental components in software.

11 great Java tricks from

The website is a huge resource for all Java developers. Here are 11 tricks collected from the site. [Nicolai Parlog is a developer advocate at Oracle, and he recently created a highly caffeinated.

Importance of Learning Java for Cybersecurity

Java is one of the most-used programming languages for applications, including cybersecurity. In this post, learn why Java is important to secure web design.

JDK 17 Script Friendly URLs

The latest version of Oracle JDK 17 can be downloaded from a command line, or automatically in scripts and dockerfiles by using download URLs which will deliver the then current update release.

Java: Why a Set Can Contain Duplicate Elements

In low-latency applications, the creation of unnecessary objects is often avoided by reusing mutable objects to reduce memory pressure and thus the load.

High-Performance Java Serialization to Different Formats

Java serialization is a popular mechanism where you are able to serialize and deserialize complex object graphs, or example where object A can contain a reference.

Hands-on with Dropwizard REST APIs

An introduction to the lean REST framework that turns a number of popular Java libraries into a more streamlined alternative to Spring. Dropwizard is a REST-oriented framework that draws together several Java packages.

Java Media Player: Web Browser-Based Approach

The JavaFX Media API approach is cross-platform and can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It works well for JavaFX.

Spring Boot - RESTful Web Service Endpoint to Delete User and Addresses - @OneToMany Relationship

In the video below, we will take a closer look at Spring Boot - RESTful web service endpoint to delete user.

JDK 18: The new features in Java 18

Java Development Kit (JDK) 18 is set for release on March 22, 2022. The new version of standard Java will have nine new features, with the feature set having been frozen as of December 9.

Configuration for Client Applications with Oracle JDK 11+

Oracle ships JDK 11 and JDK 17 as 64-bit binaries for Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, many Java applications, especially for Windows.

How developers scrambled to secure the Log4j vulnerability

A group of developers and maintainers scrambled to secure the Log4j vulnerability over the weekend, but there is still a lot of work to do to clean up the mess.

What Is a Functor? Basic Theory for Java Developers

In general, a Functor is a concept originating from mathematics, to be exact from a part of mathematics called category theory. In my very first article.

Spring Boot - RESTful Web Service Endpoint for Getting a Single Address Details for a Specific User

In this video tutorial, we will take a closer look at Spring Boot - RESTful web service.

Working with the Simple Web Server

The Simple Web Server was added to the jdk.httpserver module in JDK 18. It is a minimal HTTP static file server, designed to be used for prototyping. testing, and debugging. This article explores some less obvious.

Getting Started

The guide highlights the significant changes and enhancements done in JDK 17. This guide contains the following sections: Significant Changes in the JDK, Security Updates,Removed APIs.

Why General Inheritance Is Flawed and How to Finally Fix It!

General inheritance, whereby a public class is extended over package boundaries, provides a number of challenges and drawbacks and should be avoided.

Cordova: Communicating Between JavaScript and Java

Cordova is an open-source cross-platform development framework that allows you to use HTML and JavaScript to develop apps across multiple platforms.

Java Under the Hood [Videos]

Java is a high-level programming language, which means that we don't need to know the internals of the language and how it works under the hood to be a Java developer.However, if you want to lead back-end.

Modern file input/output with Java: Let’s get practical

In the first article in this series, “Modern file input/output with Java Path API and Files helper methods,” you met Java’s Path API as well as an older API.

JEP 421: Deprecate Finalization for Removal

Deprecate finalization for removal in a future release. Finalization remains enabled by default for now, but can be disabled to facilitate early testing.

How to use Java's javap tool by example

The JDK comes with a number of helpful utilities packed within the toolkit’s bin directory. For those who wish to decompile bytecode,Also known as the Java class file disassembler.

Hashcode and Equals Debugging - Performance

A few weeks ago I ran into this story on Reddit that discusses the problem with using the URL class as a key in a Map.

Creating Game Engine

I have created the Tyracorn engine in Java pretty much from scratch, only using a small number of basic libraries. If you are considering doing the same then continue reading.

Records, Sealed Classes and Pattern Matching

The release of the JDK 17 brings to interesting features in the Java language: sealed types and pattern matching for switch.

GC progress from JDK 8 to JDK 17

JDK 17 has been out for a few months and it’s not just packed with new language features. The performance boost compared to older JDK versions is also really significant.

How To Run the Spring Boot Application Using the Maven Command? | RESTful Web Services

In the video below, we take a closer look at How to run the Spring Boot application using the Maven Command?

Calling Stored Procedures With IN and OUT Parameters From Spring Data JPA

Writing this blog is a result of how it took a while for me to figure out how to configure the OUT parameter in calling the stored procedures using Spring JPA.

Effortless Cloud-Native App Development Using Skaffold - Book Review

I’m a developer who cares deeply about production. But I’m not a DevOps and unfortunately, I’m pretty bad at that. That’s why when I heard about Skaffold.

Native-image With Spring Boot

Likewise, to manage the risk of lock-in with the walled garden of a single Cloud vendor, one can eschew their specific services and choose Kubernetes. In both cases, and especially in the former.

Fight ambiguity and improve your code with Java 17’s sealed classes

Assumptions and ambiguities. As developers, we all hate them. Sealed classes—defined and implemented by JEP 409, as a standard language feature in Java 17.

JEP 420: Pattern Matching for switch (Second Preview)

Enhance the Java programming language with pattern matching for switch expressions and statements, along with extensions to the language of patterns.

Fast Spring Boot AWS Lambdas with GraalVM

In this article, I'll discuss how you can take a real-world REST application example adapted to spring-cloud-function and speed up the cold start time using GraalVM.

Spring Boot: Building RESTful Web Services With Jersey (XML) + JPA | Spring Boot Jersey Example [video]

In this Spring Boot video tutorial, learn more about building RESTful web services with Jersey (XML) and JPA.

RESTful API Example With Spring Data REST and JPA Hibernate Many To Many Extra Columns

In this Spring Boot video tutorial, learn more about RESTful API with Spring Data REST

Java and Immutability: Making Predictable Applications

In this article, find answers about immutability and its best practices. Practical examples demonstrate the advantages of immutability and related tricks.

How to use Docker for Java development

Take advantage of Docker to ease Java development. Learn how to update a running Java codebase (without restarting the container) and to debug into a remotely running containerized Java app.

How to Produce a Spring REST API Following the OpenAPI Specification

The OpenAPI specification defines how to write HTTP APIs that can be consumed by any programming language and provide insight into the APIs’ functionality

From Spring Boot Microservices to Lambda Functions

You may be one of many organisations (or an engineer in one) that operates Java microservices in the cloud with a desire to move towards a serverless architecture, but are unable to justify the steep migration path

Vector math made easy: John Rose and Paul Sandoz on Java’s Vector API

The Vector API provides a portable API for expressing vector mathematics computations. The first iteration of the API was proposed by JEP 338 and integrated into Java 16. The second incubator, JEP 414

Improving Java Performance on OCI Ampere A1 Compute instances

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has recently launched the Ampere A1 Compute family of Arm Neoverse N1-based VMs and bare-metal instances. These A1 instances use Ampere Altra CPUs

A List of Java Cache Providers

JCS is a distributed caching system written in Java. It is intended to speed up applications by providing a means to manage cached data of various dynamic natures. Like any caching system, JCS is most useful for high read, low put applications.

Ultra-fast Java In-Memory Database Apps & Microservices with MicroStream

MicroStream is a fundamentally new persistence framework for storing complex Java object graphs natively, which means the object graph is stored on disk as it is in RAM.

We Should Write Java Code Differently

For the last few years, I’m writing articles that describe a new, more functional way to write Java code. But the question of why we should use this new coding style remains largely unanswered. This article is an attempt to fill this gap.

Test Data Management

When it comes to managing your software development lifecycle (SDLC), one of the most challenging aspects is effectively managing and deploying data. Building “data-ready” test environments can effectively support your engineering practices

Primitive data types in Java are a matter of precision

In Java, you can assign a char to an int, but you can’t assign a double to a float. And Java doesn’t stop you from performing a mathematical assignment or other operation that might lose precision.

JEP 418: Internet-Address Resolution SPI

The API resolves host names to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and vice versa. The API currently uses the operating system's native resolver, which is typically configured to use a combination of a local hosts file and the Domain Name System (DNS).

Deploy a Java application using Helm, Part 1

To deploy enterprise Java applications with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) servers to Red Hat OpenShift, developers have usually needed to learn how to use OpenShift templates

JEP 416: Reimplement Core Reflection with Method Handles

Reimplement java.lang.reflect.Method, Constructor, and Field on top of java.lang.invoke method handles. Making method handles the underlying mechanism for reflection will reduce the maintenance and development cost of both the java.lang.reflect and java.lang.invoke APIs.

Sip of Java - Record Serialization

Records, introduced in Java 16 (JEP 395), address several key issues related to serialization. A source of frequent headaches in the Java ecosystem. Consequently this makes the serialization and deserialization process for Records much simpler and entirely defined by the public definition of the Record class.

A Java MicroProfile Application for Content Negotiation

An HTTP server can use content negotiation to respond to different clients. Modern clients typically expect a JSON response. At times, a different format is required, such as XML for older clients or binary for newer ones. The process used to manage that challenge.

Spring Boot File Upload Example With MultipartFile | Spring Boot Tutorial

In the video below, we take a closer look at the Spring Boot file upload example with MultipartFile | Spring Boot Tutorial. Let's get started! In this video article, take a closer look at the Spring Boot file upload example with MultipartFile.

Externalize Application Configuration With Spring Cloud Config

One of the principles from the 12 Factor App, states that we have to separate our application configuration from the code. The configuration varies based on the environment and it's better to organize them based on the environment your application is running.

Springboot Video Tutorial: Implement User Sign-Up

In the video in this article, we take a closer look at Spring boot and how to implement user sign-up with RESTful Web Services. Let's get started!Spring boot - How to Implement User Sign-up? | Spring Boot | Spring Security | RESTful Web Services.

The Performance Impact of java.lang.System.getProperty()

java.lang.System.getProperty()’ is a common API used by Java developers to read the System properties that are configured during application startup time. i.e. when you pass “-DappName=buggyApp” as your application’s startup JVM argument, the value of the ‘appName’ system.

Learn Java 17 with IntelliJ IDEA

A new Java release every six months can be exciting, overwhelming, or both. Given that Java 17 is also an LTS release, it’s not just the developers but enterprises also noticing it. If you have been waiting to move on from Java 8 or 11, now is the time to weigh its advantages. In this blog post, I will limit the coverage of Java.

The 8 Best Java Blogs for Programmers

As a programmer, you should take challenges to survive and build some wonders in the development or programming field. Hence, if you are seeking to learn an advanced programming language to enhance your career skills, Java is one of the best prospects around. To develop skills, you should constantly improve.

Spring Boot Log4J2 Setup

Log4J2 is an upgrade to the popular Log4J logging framework. It is one of the newer frameworks and its goal is to provide improvements on Logback as well as Log4J. Also, it aims to avoid some of the issues in its older version. In this post, we will look at Spring Boot Log4J2 setup.

How to Mock a Web Server in Your Java Applications

Many times, starting a container for that is not an option. For instance: you might not have a container environment available, or you just don’t have the artifacts to create that container (it might be a 3rd part API), or it is hard to emulate the needed behavior with containers.

Test Automation: Maven Profiles and Parallelization in Azure Pipelines Using IaaS

When it comes to Test Automation, configuring parallel threads can become challenging especially when logins are involved. It's more of a challenge for the UI/ Selenium test to run batches in a separate thread on Azure.

Spring Boot – How To Change Default Context Path Using Java Command

In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Boot on how to change the default context path using the Java command. In the era of high-profile data breaches, rampant ransomware, and a constantly shifting government regulatory environment.

Java Management Service: What Is It? Why Do You Need It?

Learn about Java Management Service (JMS), a new addition to the Oracle Java SE Subscription offering. JMS is a cloud service that helps you understand your Java usage on premises, on Oracle Cloud, and in other public clouds.

17 Skills Of Highly Effective Software Testers

Software testing is an essential process for developing the perfect app. But, as a software tester, it is essential to have certain skills which in turn will help with testing the applications better. Many people and organizations still have a tough time finding the right software tester.

Emulator vs Simulator For Mobile Testing: Differences & Setup

Today, everyone has access to the Internet. Mobile phones and high-speed internet connectivity has brought people the convenience to surf the internet at any time. In fact, if we talk about the present then desktops traffic is lower than mobile device traffic.

How To Use Breakpoints For Debugging In Selenium WebDriver

Automation testing is not always a smooth ride. There are cases where the tests would not work as expected, in which cases debugging the test code (or implementation) is the only way out! Debugging issues in tests become even more difficult if the test suite.

Top 29 Microservices Interview Questions For 2020

Ever since its inception in 2011, microservices is making huge waves, especially among organizations developing forward-thinking applications. A survey by Nginx shows that 36% of enterprises are currently using Microservices, while another 26% is doing research.

Updated Grails Interview Questions

Building an application using the grails framework is quite easy. But, when building it the right way we need to follow the best practices. Some of the practices followed while building a grails application are listed below: Controller: the controller logic should be as simple as possible. Duplication of code should be avoided.

Creating your first Grails Application

Grails Training - Developed and delivered by the folks who created and actively maintain the Grails framework!. In this guide you are going to create your first Grails application. You will learn about domain classes, controllers, services, GSPs, and unit & integration tests. This guide is aimed at developers who are new to Grails.

Shorten the SDLC With DevTestOps in Agile | Why Teams Do It

Similar to other topologies like DevSecOps, which emphasizes more on the “Sec,” or security matters, DevTestOps stresses the aspect of continuous testing and CI/CD in DevOps. At the same time, to uphold the culture of saying “no” to working in silos.

Java 8 – How to remove duplicates from LinkedList

Stream’s distinct() method returns a stream consisting of the distinct elements according to Object.equals(Object) of this stream For ordered streams, the selection of distinct elements is stable For duplicated elements, the element appearing first in the encounter order.

As a Programmer, When Do You Level up from Junior to Senior Programmer?

I wonder when I get promoted — many novice programmers today wonder when they get their first job. As a rule, there is no clear answer to this question. In different companies, the developer’s career path and the skills required from junior

Running Java in a Container

For more than five years, DC/OS has enabled some of the largest, most sophisticated enterprises in the world to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency, reliability, and scalability from their IT infrastructure. But now it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of technology: the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP).

Keynote - Moving Java Forward

Sharat Chander - Director, Java Product Management Georges Saab - Vice-President Java Platform Group & Oracle Chair OpenJDK Governing Board Aurelio García-Ribeyro - Senior Director of Product Management Manish Gupta - Vice-President Global Marketing, Java & GraalVM Chad Arimura - Vice-President Java Developer Relations.

Java 8 – Stream mapToInt() method

This Stream method is an intermediate operation which returns an IntStream consisting of the results of applying the given function to the elements of this stream Stream’s mapToInt() method is stateless which means it is non-interfering with other elements in the stream Where IntStream is a sequence of primitive int-valued.

CSS Grid vs. Bootstrap: All You Need To Know

A critical component for every business website is a high-quality user interface. A well-designed interface gives the users an intuitive and efficient experience, which positively affects their perception of the brand. There are multiple tools or layout grids that help define website.

What are React and Redux Hooks? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, if you want to learn about Hooks in React.js like useState, useSelector, useEffect, and useDispatch then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best React courses, websites, and books and in this article.

Newest 'java' Questions- Stack OverFlow

Stack Overflow for Teams, our core SaaS collaboration product, is helping thousands of companies around the world make the transition to remote work, address business continuity challenges, and undergo digital transformation.

Tomcat and TomEE Clustering Automation

Apache Tomcat is an open-source application server maintained by the Apache community. It is one of the most popular solutions for hosting Java applications due to its ease of use and lightweight yet versatile functionality.

Java in Containers - Part Deux

Software is changing the world. QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.

How to Implement Two-Factor Authentication in a Spring Boot OAuth Server? Part 1: Configuration

We build a distributed CRM system. The system has a dedicated Spring Boot-based authentication /authorization service and a number of secure and insecure micro-services.

Stack Overflow - Java Tutorials

A stack is the part of the memory. The local automatic variable is created on this stack and method arguments are passed. When a process starts, it get a default stack size which is fixed for each process. In today's operating system, generally, the default stack size is 1 Mb, which is enough for most of the process.

RESTful Web Services With Spring Boot: Reading HTTP POST Request Body

In this video tutorial, explore RESTful Web Services with Spring Boot and take a closer look at reading HTTP POST Request Body using @RequestBody annotation.Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Reading HTTP POST Request Body using @RequestBody.

Javarevisited: Blog about Java, Programming, Spring, Hibernate, Interview Questions

Hello Java developer, if you are looking for an example of how to create RESTful web services using Restlet Framework in Java and Eclipse then you have come to the right place.

Javarevisited: Blog about Java, Programming, Spring, Hibernate, Interview Questions

You can format JSON String in Java using Jackson API's pretty print feature. As you might have noticed in my previous JSON tutorials that the output of the programs is not properly formatted, which makes them hard to read.

Javarevisited: Blog about Java, Programming, Spring, Hibernate, Interview Questions

You can convert a java.util.Date to java.sql.Timestamp value by using the getTime() method of Date class. This method returns the long millisecond value from Epoch (1st January 1970 midnight)

Javarevisited: Blog about Java, Programming, Spring, Hibernate, Interview Questions

Since Set interface or HashSet class doesn't provide a get() method to retrieve elements, the only way to take out elements from a Set is to iterate over it by using the Iterator, or loop over Set using advanced for loop of Java.

Javarevisited: Blog about Java, Programming, Spring, Hibernate, Interview Questions

In earlier programming tutorials, I have taught you how to print a pyramid pattern of stars and numbers in Java, and in this tutorial, you will learn the printing pyramid patterns of alphabets.

Javarevisited: Blog about Java, Programming, Spring, Hibernate, Interview Questions

The instanceof operator in Java is used to check if an object belongs to a particular type or not at runtime. It's also a built-in keyword in Java programming language and is mostly used to avoid ClassCastException in Java.

Learning Quarkus faster with Quick Starts on Developer Sandbox

Experience Quarkus on the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift, and even if you don’t have access to a Red Hat OpenShift environment, that’s OK. We made it easy to provision an OpenShift cluster and experience the greatness of Quarkus.

TestNG vs. JUnit Testing Framework: Which One Is Better?

Software Development goes through many phases like requirement gathering & analysis, communication, design, code building, testing, and release. A business has to ensure that the product they deliver is up to the mark.

Logging in Unit Tests, a Bad Practice

Logging is an inevitable part of debugging. Well, at least in modern high-level programming languages and architectures. It wasn’t thirty years ago, in Assembly, but it is now. Sometimes we trace variables, but rarely.More often we just print them to console. Moreover, we don’t just print them using println.

Unit testing your MapStruct mapper for omitted parameters

MapStruct is sometimes a bit blunt regarding duplicate parameter names. Sometimes you don’t even notice a parameter name is duplicate (with nested objects for example). This can result in an incorrect mapping and can take a lot of debugging time.

5 Tips & Tricks for Fast Batched Updates of Graph Structures with Neo4j and Cypher

When you’re writing a lot of data from your application or library to the graph, you want to be efficient. The following tips have been widely used in libraries for object-graph mapping, like Spring Data Neo4j or the PHP-OGM.

Using Tomcat’s `tomcat-users.xml` with Jakarta Security in TomEE

While working on Jakarta EE 10 certification (See announcement Apache Tomee Jakarta EE certified after 10 years, Apache TomEE implemented Jakarta Security specification. Currently, there is only one implementation used in Glassfish and used by all the other vendors

Alpha in Kubernetes v1.22: API Server Tracing

In distributed systems, it can be hard to figure out where problems are. You grep through one component's logs just to discover that the source of your problem is in another component. You search there only to discover that you need to enable debug logs

Minimum Ready Seconds for StatefulSets

Prior to Kubernetes 1.22 release, once a StatefulSet Pod is in the Ready state it is considered Available to receive traffic. For some of the StatefulSet workloads, it may not be the case. For example, a workload like Prometheus with multiple instances of Alertmanager,

AWS security case study: Vulnerable roles

In this case study, we’ll look into a security problem that can totally wreak havoc to resources in an AWS account and uses an obscure functionality that most newcomers to the AWS ecosystem do not know about. There is a production Lambda function with a production S3 bucket

Brief Intro to the Template Interpreter in OpenJDK

OpenJDK includes two interpreters, CPP interpreter and Template interpreter. The template interpreter is the default one, and its implementation contains various optimization to make it fast, which also makes its source code harder to follow to some extent.

A primer on the OpenAI API - Part 1

I recently received an invite to try out the OpenAI API beta. As always, I jumped straight in and started playing around. By tweaking the examples I was able to produce some interesting and/or entertaining results. However, after a little while I realised I didn’t really understand what was happening or what the various parameters.

Kubernetes 1.22: A New Design for Volume Populators

Kubernetes v1.22, released earlier this month, introduced a redesigned approach for volume populators. Originally implemented in v1.18, the API suffered from backwards compatibility issues. Kubernetes v1.22 includes a new API field called dataSourceRef that fixes these problems

Programming for beginners

IncludeClassNamePatterns specifies regular expressions that are used to match against fully qualified class names when running a test suite on the JUnit Platform. You can use @IncludeClassNamePatternsand @ExcludeClassNamePatterns to explicitly include and exclude the classes.

Java 8 – Filter null and empty values from a Stream

In this article, we will discuss how to remove/eliminate null & empty values from a Stream using filter() method A list contains numbers and null values We are trying to remove all null values from Stream using 3 different approaches

Java deserialisation vulnerabilities explained and how to defend against them

The Java programming language offers a seamless and elegant way to store and retrieve data. However, without proper input validation and safeguards in place, your application can be vulnerable to unsafe deserialisation vulnerabilities.

Pros and Cons: When You Should and Should Not Use MongoDB

Quite often we see that the main operational storage is used in conjunction with some additional services, for example, for caching or full-text search.Another architecture approach using multiple databases is microservices

Type Narrowing in TypeScript

In the spirit of my last few articles, where we have looked into Template Literal Types and Types and Mocking, we are going to dissect another topic in typescript involving types. In this article, we are going to learn various ways you can narrow types.

Obtaining TLS Client Certificates In Spring Integration

Spring Integration is a very powerful and extensible framework for, well, integrations. But sometimes it’s not trivial how to get some information that yo need.In my case – a certificate used for mutual authentication

9 JSP Implicit Objects and When to Use Them

If you are new to JSP then your first question would be what are implicit objects in JSP? Well, implicit objects in JSP are Java object which is created by Servlet containers like the tomcat or Jetty during translation phase of JSP

Infrastructure as Java Code, AWS Cloud Development Kit, Java Server Faces vs. Web Components, Quarkus, Tests--or 89th

Infrastructure as Java Code, AWS Cloud Development Kit, Java Server Faces vs. Web Components

Hosting Web Components on Amazon S3

Static assets like e.g. html, css or JavaScript files can be directly deployed to Amazon S3 with the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) in Java. In a production system, you could use AWS CloudFront for global caching.

Switch Expressions - JEP Café #3

#Java #OpenJDK #JDK This #JEPCafe discusses JEP 361, released in the JDK 14, i.e. Switch Expressions. Switch Expressions is one additional (great!) feature emerging from Project Amber, with more to come!

The Risks of Poor Enterprise Cloud Management and How to Avoid Them

Although the cloud as we know it has been around since the mid-2000s, it’s still a trendy technology, with its adoption among businesses increasing every year. Gartner forecasts that in 2021 investments in public cloud

Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock exclusive features players want in Java Edition

While the basic gameplay on Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition is the same, players learn many differences after playing both versions. As both editions are coded using separate programming languages

Spring MVC: Creating RESTful web service using annotation

In the previous articles, we have discussed about Spring MVC web application using both XML-based & @Controller annotation-based approach in detail. Now let’s explore by extending Spring MVC

Java 8 – Stream count method with examples

this is very straight forward example and it can be counted using Collection API as well We can use count() method after filtering and removing duplicates which is illustrated in the further examples

Constructor Chaining in Java Example - Calling one constructor from another using this and super

In Java, you can call one constructor from another and it’s known as constructor chaining in Java.

Forget 'Learn to Code.' Learn to 'No-Code' Instead

"Learn to code" has been a refrain for entrepreneurs for more than a decade. Want to start a business in the high-growth universe of venture capital windfalls

Top Java Web Application Technologies to Learn in 2021

Java needs no introduction. Almost every person worldwide acknowledges Java’s potential in web application development.

Is it worth learning Golang ?

I was looking for a new language to learn and Go seemed a very good candidate. It is getting popular due to its simplicity and power. It is created by some of the best minds of our industry

How to solve the classic Traveling Salesman Problem in Java

A salesman must visit all the cities on a map exactly once, returning to the start city at the end of the journey. There is a direct connection from every city to every other city, and the salesman may visit the cities in any order. What is the shortest path for the salesman?

The Ultimate Guide of Microservices Technologies for Java Developers in 2021

Not long ago, Java developers had to be very good at Java (of course), Java EE or Spring technologies, some front-end technologies such as JSF, Angular, React, SQL and databases. Some architecture and modeling knowledge was also great to have.

Leadership Tip: Focus on Effectiveness, Not Efficiency

Many of us focus on how efficient we can be. Many of our organizations want to maximize our output for every minute and hour of work. However, if we focus on effectiveness first, we create better outcomes for everyone.

Monitoring Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes with Grafana and Prometheus

Everyone should monitor their production system to understand how the system is behaving. Monitors help you understand the workloads and ensure you get notifications when something fails—or is about to fail.

Build simple REST Services using Spring

Because they’re simple to create and consume, REST has quickly become the de-facto standard for establishing web services on the internet. There’s a lot more to say about how REST fits into the world of microservices

JUnit 5 parameterized feature

JUnit5 is the next-generation test framework, a very common tool for developers to write unit test classes. This article will teach you how to use a new feature named Parameterized.

“I don’t have to worry about Garbage Collection” – Is it true?

Garbage Collection is automatic on all modern platforms – Java, .NET, Golang, Python. So, do you have to worry about it? This article showcases and justifies the importance of Garbage Collection analysis

Open Closed Design Principle in Java - Benefits and Example

I am a big fan of design pattern articles and love to read articles on design patterns and recently wrote about decorator design pattern in Java, Observer pattern, static factory pattern and Singleton pattern.

Kotlin “Result” type for functional exception handling

In a previous post I had gone over how a “Try” type can be created in Kotlin from scratch to handle exceptions in a functional way. There is no need however to create such a type in Kotlin

Guidance for Building a Control Plane for Envoy Part 2 – Identify Components

In the previous entry to this series we explored dynamically configuring Envoy which is an important part of running Envoy in a cloud-native environment. In this entry

How to Install and Set Up Flutter on Ubuntu 16.04+

Flutter is a Dart-based toolkit that helps you build the front end of your apps. It really shines in cross-platform mobile app development and aims to be a viable option for web and desktop as well.

How to Set Path for Java Unix Linux and Windows

PATH is one of the fundamental Environment variables on shell or DOS but it’s commonly associated with Java mainly because if we try to run a java program that doesn't include Java executable.

Exploring questions and answers from a job interview for a Java developer position. Part 2

Hello again, everyone! We continue to search for answers to questions for junior, mid-level and senior Java developers. The questions are super interesting.

Top Technologies to Learn in Software Development in 2021

To know what are the top technologies to learn as software developers is a crucial habit to develop. Otherwise, the technologies take the market by storm and the learning curve will take time.

How to get the nth character of a string in C

To access the nth character of a string in C, we can use the square brackets [] notation by passing the character index.

Prerequisites For Trunk Based Development

Trunk based development is an Extreme Programming source control technique in which developers collaborate to grow and maintain directly

OOP Concepts in Java

OOP concepts are needed to solve a large problem by breaking it into smaller problems. Through solving small problems, it is possible to build a productive, complex program.

Springboot App monitoring with Grafana & Prometheus

Along with the advantages of microservices, we also encounter a lot of challenges. One of these challenges is to have a reliable monitoring system for our apps

Database Week at the AWS Loft

For relational, they have Amazon Aurora. It’s compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL. It has 5x throughput compared to MySQL (on RDS) and 3x compared to PostgreSQL (on RDS). It can scale out to 15 read replicas

Kubernetes Security – How to Use Dynamic Admission Control to Secure Your Container Supply Chain

Containers have exploded in popularity in recent years. And as more developers are using these containers

What the Heck Is the SpringExtension Used For?

I've seen a lot of confusion recently about the SpringExtension. When failing to get the context configuration for a test right

SQL Seek Method or Keyset Pagination

In this article, we are going to see what the SQL Seek Method or Keyset Pagination is and why you should consider it when navigating over large results sets. The goal of pagination

What is Advance Java?

The dictionary meaning of advance is a forward movement or a development or improvement and the meaning of improve means thing that makes something better. All in all

Calling a SOAP Web Service from the Command Line

In this tutorial, we're going to show how we can use different command-line interface (CLI) processes to consume a SOAP web service.

5 Best Practices for Clean & Maintainable Code

Clean code can be summarized as a code that any developer can read and change easily. Clean coding principles help us achieve a lot of desirable goals related to the software we intend to produce.

RESTful services with HATEOAS. Hypermedia: The Secret Ingredient of REST

In the previous part of the tutorial, we took some time to refresh our knowledge regarding the foundational principles of the REST architectural style. The critical look at the state of the REST as interpreted.

Intro to Spring Cloud Config Server

In this tutorial, we will review the basics of Spring Cloud Config Server. We will setup a Config Server and then build a client application that consumes the configuration on startup and then refreshes the configuration without restarting.

What is Cloud Testing: Everything you need to know

Several years back, virtualization became a buzzword in the industry which flourished, evolved and became famously known as Cloud computing. It involved sharing computing resources on different platforms.

How to Create JUnit Tests in Eclipse and NetBeans IDE? Java Example

Writing JUnit tests for Java classes in Eclipse and Netbeans IDE is super easy, and I will show you that later in this JUnit tutorial. Before that, let’s revise what is a unit test and why should you write them.

What is bounded and unbounded wildcards in Generics Java? Example

Bounded and unbounded wildcards in Generics are two types of wildcards available on Java. Any Type can be bounded either upper or lower of the class hierarchy in Generics by using bounded wildcards.

What is java.library.path? How to set in Eclipse IDE? Example

java.library.path is a System property, which is used by Java programming language, mostly JVM, to search native libraries, required by a project. Similar to PATH and Classpath environment variable, java.library.path.

How Spring MVC Framework works? How HTTP Request is processed?

One of the frequently asked Spring MVC Interview questions is about explaining the flow of web requests i.e. how an HTTP request is processed from start to end. In other words, explaining the flow of requests.

What is the maximum Heap Size of 32 bit or 64-bit JVM in Windows and Linux?

Maximum heap size for 32 bit or 64 bit JVM looks easy to determine by looking at addressable memory space like 2^32 (4GB) for 32 bit JVM and 2^64 for 64 bit JVM. The confusion starts here because you can not really set.

Java framework Quarkus 2.1: Experimental Dev Services for Keycloak

Quarkus has set itself the goal of simplifying the development process and introduced Dev Services with version 1.13, which provide preconfigured development containers in development mode.

How to Iterate through ConcurrentHashMap and print all keys and values in Java? Example

Suppose you have a ConcurrentHashMap of String and Integer and you want to print all keys and values, how do you do that? This is a common.

Difference between Oracle SQL Query vs Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase? Answer

Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are two of the most popular database but they are very different from each other and if you are migrating SQL queries or databases.

A Rust controller for Kubernetes

To teach myself Kubernetes in general and controllers in particular, I previously developed one in Java. This week, I decided to do the same in Rust by following the same steps I did.

What is Marker interface in Java and why required? Answer

The marker interface in Java interfaces with no field or methods or, in simple words empty interface in java is called a marker interface.

The composable ephemeral stack - Polymath: Blockchains in the ether

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Adam Dossa in his role as chief technology officer at Polymath.

How to use String.codepoint() method in Java? Example Tutorial

CodePoint method in String is used to get Unicode code point value at index or before the index. In String class we have a lot of utility methods for dealing with String like Split, replace.

Kotlin: Type conversion with adapters

In this post we will learn how we can use Kotlin extension functions to provide a simple and elegant type conversion mechanism Maybe you have used Apache Sling before. In this case, you are probably familiar with Slings usage of adapters.

DevOps and Cloud InfoQ Trends Report - July 2021

Hybrid cloud options have evolved beyond the traditional definition, and have expanded to enable the functionality of cloud services to run.

15 Windows Command Prompt (CMD) Commands You Must Know

The command prompt is still a powerful Windows tool. Here are the most useful CMD commands every Windows user needs to know.

A Beginner's Guide to Java Selection Statements

Selection statements are a program control structure in Java. As the name suggests, they are used to select an execution path if a certain condition is met.

Java EE and Jakarta EE: What IT leaders should know

Java EE, now known as Jakarta EE, helps bridge old and new technologies - say a mix of older and cloud-native applications in a hybrid cloud environment.

Developer Education: Learning to Secure Code on Demand

Scanning your code base frequently to discover security risk early in development gives engineers more time time to address issues. But security risk is a challenging issue and most developers need more than just time.

Polymorphism in Java: How to Overload or Override Methods

Method overloading and overriding are the two ways in which Java demonstrates polymorphism. Polymorphism comes from a combination of two Greek words: "poly" meaning many and "morph" meaning form.

How do I become a Fullstack java developer

A full-stack Java developer is an IT professional who has in-depth knowledge and expertise in full-stack tools and Java frameworks.

AI Weekly: The promise and limitations of machine programming tools

Machine programming, which automates the development and maintenance of software, is becoming supercharged by AI.

Building A Successful Career In Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the technologies that has gained immense traction in recent years and has now gone above and beyond cryptocurrency.

Best Microsoft certification 2021: Top technical exams

ZDNet has compiled a collection of the best Microsoft certifications that will protect your job and boost your income as we head toward 2022.

IT careers: 10 top DevOps engineer interview questions for 2021

Today, job boards show loads of open DevOps engineer positions (and similar titles or roles). That means there will be many DevOps engineer interviews, and they come with considerations.

IT careers: Top IT job interview questions for 2021

Experts share the IT job interview questions you will face in 2021 and advice on how to answer them. Hint: Recruiters and hiring managers say that remote work will be a hot topic.

Asking the right questions and asking the questions right: How should a project manager communicate with the team?

A manager directs and motivates the team, as well as helps to understand the wishes and requirements of clients, and how to achieve set goals.

Seven Hard-Earned Lessons Learned Migrating a Monolith to Microservices

Even in 2020, there’s a good chance that you’re still working with at least one legacy system. If so, you’re probably thinking about whether to migrate to a microservices architecture.

Appearing for AI Interview? Be Prepared for the 4th Question!

Preparing for an artificial intelligence job interview can feel overwhelming, whether you are a fresher or not.

The Git fork command explained

A Git fork is nothing more than a copy of an existing repository, along with a change to the name of the folder in which that repository resides.

How to migrate Java workloads to containers: 3 considerations

As IT teams weigh what to containerize and migrate to a cloud environment, they need to evaluate many Java workloads. Experts explain three key factors

A Beginner's Guide to Logical and Relational Operators in Java

Operators are symbols used to perform operations on values, variables, or statements. The expressions on which they perform these actions are called operands.

Getting started with time series analysis

From stock market analysis to economic forecasting, earthquake prediction, and industrial process and quality control, time series analysis has countless applications that enterprises.

How to get started with the Google Translate API

Even if most of us can’t travel as we once did, the world is a more accessible place, at least online. Business people may not be attending international conferences.

6 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) interview questions for 2021

Preparing for an RPA job interview, as a candidate or hiring manager? Check out these RPA-related questions and guidance on developing strong answers.

Running Great Tech Interviews: The Art of the Follow-up Question

We can interview clearly and decisively. The key is to ask good questions with good follow-ups. We need to know what we’re looking for and how we’ll find it.

35 In-depth Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers [2020]

Are your hand shivering and pouring yourself with sweat right before your scrum master interview? Do you feel quite uncomfortable, maybe unprepared.

Every Serialization Framework Should Have Its Own Transient Annotation

We’ve all used dozens of serialization frameworks – for JSON, XML, binary, and ORMs (which are effectively serialization frameworks for relational databases).

Express.js File Upload

To set up Node.js on windows you will need to download the installer from this link. Click on the installer (also include the NPM package manager) for your platform and run the installer to start with the Node.js setup wizard.

Making POST and PATCH requests idempotent

In an earlier post about idempotency and safety of HTTP methods we learned that idempotency is a positive API feature.

8 Free Sites for Web Developers you may not know.

Fontjoy helps designers choose the best font combinations. Mix and match different fonts for the perfect pairing.

Writing Native Java Code in Flutter for Android

Flutter has a rich pool of packages and widgets. You can achieve most things by either using the rich widget pool that Flutter offers or by using a package.

Flutter Tutorial

Our Flutter Tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of the Flutter framework. Flutter is a UI toolkit for building fast, beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile.

Java Tutorial

Our core Java programming tutorial is designed for students and working professionals. Java is an object-oriented, class-based, concurrent, secured and general-purpose.

Java Interview Questions

Do you have what it takes to ace a Java Interview? We are here to help you in consolidating your knowledge and concepts in Java. The following article will cover all the popular Java interview questions.

25 Topics and Resources to Crack Java Developer Interviews in 2021

Preparing for Java developer interviews? Here are.

Top Fintech Software Engineer Interview Questions

Top Fintech Software Engineer Interview Questions

How to use the UiPath switch activity example

Conditional logic is most commonly implemented through the use of an if-then-else statement. However, when an RPA developer is faced with multi-branched.

What Is a Constructor in Java and How Do You Use It?

In object-oriented programming, a constructor is a special function that you call to create an object. Constructors have several unique.

How to fix the JNI Error in Java Edition when setting up a Minecraft Server

As many fans are aware, Minecraft version 1.17 was recently released. This highly anticipated update contained a myriad of new features, including new mobs, blocks, items, and achievements.

Top 5 Free Servlet, JSP, Java FX, and JDBC Courses for Java Web Developers in 2021

If you are a Java developer working on a Java JEE projects like a Java Web application running on Tomcat or Glassfish, or you want to get into that by learning server-side technologies.

How the JIT compiler boosts Java performance in OpenJDK

Just-in-time (JIT) compilation is central to peak performance in modern virtual machines, but it comes with trade-offs.

11 Mistakes Java Developers make when Using Exceptions

The problem: If you use Exceptions in the wrong way, bugs will be very difficult to find. If you always use generic Exceptions.

3 Excellent GitHub Repositories for Java Developers

In this video, I am going to quickly share with you 3 excellent GitHub repositories for java beginners and Java developers.

Demystifying Java SE Level for Jakarta EE

As I mentioned in Hashtag Jakarta EE #76, the Jakarta EE Platform project is in the process of determining the Java SE requirements for Jakarta EE 10. In this post, I try to shed some light on the implications.

Express.js Cookies Tutorial

Cookies are a piece of any information sent from the server and are stored in the client’s browser. This information helps to track the client’s action and the browser sent.

REST API in Express.js

RESTful API stands for the standard web service interface used by the applications to communicate with each other. This API conforms to the REST architectural style and constraints.

Java on Visual Studio Code Update – May 2021

Welcome to May’s updates on VS Code for Java. In this edition, we will share with you Java Formatter Settings editor and other cool features. Let’s start.

5 Important Java Multithreading Interview Questions

Multithreading questions are an essential part of Java interviews. If you are going for an interview with an investment bank like Citibank or Morgan.

Experimenting with JFR Mirror Events

This writeup describes a number of observations while performing an experiment to determine the feasibility of using JFR mirror events in core parts of the JDK, in particular, the Networking APIs..

StackOverFlow Error: Causes and Solutions

Want to learn more about the potential causes and solutions to the StackOverFlowError in your JVM project? Check out this post to learn more.

Even more greatness packed into Java 16, including tools for improving future JVMs

Java Champions love pattern matching for instanceof, records, Stream.toList(), the vector API, the foreign linker API, and the foreign-memory access API.

Rest API Documentation and Client Generation with OpenAPI

Microservices architecture helps in building an application as a suite of multiple fine-grained smaller services. Each of these services run in its own process and are independently deployable.

Sequelize ORM in Node.js Application

Hello! In this tutorial, we will learn how to Sequelize ORM in Node.js Application. More specifically, we will build a RESTful application in a Node.js environment running on an Express.js.

It's OK to useStore with React-Redux

I recently had two members of my team independently confuse themselves with a subtle point in the react-redux bindings. We have a few instances where a component includes callbacks and inside.

Kubernetes: 6 open source tools to put your cluster to the test

The Kubernetes ecosystem includes an ever-growing number of tools and services you can plug in: Let’s look at six useful tools for putting your Kubernetes.

A peek into Java 17: Continuing the drive to encapsulate the Java runtime internals

The need to encapsulate the runtime is fundamentally caused by Java’s nature as an open programming environment.

Every Java Junior does it: Common Java mistakes made by newcomers

Everyone makes mistakes, not just beginners, but even professionals. This article goes over a dozen common mistakes that Java newbies and newcomers make and how to avoid them.

Accelerating Deep Learning on the JVM with Apache Spark and NVIDIA GPUs

GPUs have been widely used for accelerating deep learning, but not for data processing. As part of a major Spark initiative to better unify deep learning and data processing on Spark.

8 Alternatives To TensorFlow Serving

TensorFlow Serving is an easy-to-deploy, flexible and high performing serving system for machine learning models built for production environments. It allows easy deployment of algorithms and experiments.

Cameron Purdy Explains Ecstasy - A New Cloud Native Environment

Cameron Purdy is probably best known for Oracle Coherence (previously Tangosol), a coherent distributed in-memory cache and data grid.

Run a Deep Learning Model in Java: A Quick Take

We are excited to announce the Deep Java Library (DJL), an open source library to develop, train and run deep learning models in Java using intuitive, high-level APIs.

A Guide to Using NDArrays in Java

Within many development languages, there is a popular paradigm of using N-Dimensional arrays. They allow you to write numerical code that would otherwise require many levels.

Blockchain for businesses: The ultimate enterprise guide

Enterprise blockchain projects can easily run aground without the right navigational tools. Our in-depth guide will help ensure safe passage.

Micronaut Test Configuration

When configuring the test of a Spring Boot application, you may be used to using an application properties file e.g. application.yaml in src/test/resources with the same name as the main configuration.


For many years, Java EE has been a major platform for mission-critical enterprise applications. In order to accelerate business application development for a cloud-native world.

Weekend Reading List #76 – Week of 6/7

The NYJavaSIG had an exceptional event on June 9th. They had the lightning talks with aspiring speakers from the tri-state area (Elena Felder, Janeice DelVecchio, Erik Kariyev, Mike Redlich, and Hui Min Wu).

Implementing Microservicilities with Quarkus and MicroProfile

In a microservices architecture, an application is formed by several interconnected services where all of them work together to produce the required business functionality.

Be a better Java developer, learn faster and get more results by Bruno Souza

Struggling to keep up with technology, or feeling overwhelmed with so many things to learn? Do you feel you are a competent developer, but you don't see the results in your career.

Remote Debugging and What It Means for Java Applications

Following the lingering promise of managed infrastructure, reduced operational cost, and resiliency, cloud computing has seen phenomenal trends in adoption since the past decade.

New Relic : 6 Amazing Ways You Can Use Java

Java just celebrated its 25th anniversary at the beginning of 2021 and it's still going strong. According to Stack Overflow, it's still one of the most-used programming languages.

Optimize the Execution Time of Spring Integration Tests

This article covers a multitude of areas on real project data, including time-consuming data, optimization, and integration. Read below for a full tutorial!.

Providing useful API error messages with Spring Boot

For API users it is quite important an API provides useful error messages. Otherwise, it can be hard to figure out why things do not work.

Top 10 Backend Frameworks Fullstack Developer Can Learn in 2021

Hello guys, if you are an application Programming and looking for the best backend frameworks to learn in 2021 then you have come to the right place. Earlier.

Role of Continuous Monitoring in DevOps Pipeline

Technology is constantly evolving, and to beat the competition, the teams must push the software updates to the production environment as quickly as possible.

Data Gateways in the Cloud Native Era

These days, there is a lot of excitement around 12-factor apps, microservices, and service mesh, but not so much around cloud-native data.

Pedal to the metal: High-performance Java with GraalVM Native Image

GraalVM Native Image can be a compelling platform for your Java cloud applications.

You’re thinking about Kubernetes all wrong

Kubernetes is cool, but not for the reasons you think. For a time people glommed onto Kubernetes because it promised to be a great new cloud technology.

The Road to Quarkus 2.0: Continuous Testing

According to the 2020 Java InfoQ Trends Report, Quarkus has grown in popularity, moving quickly into the Early Adopters space.

How To Add Controller Support To Minecraft Java Edition

Not being able to use your preferred controls in games may be quite distracting. A lot of gamers are used to playing Minecraft with a controller.

Article Series: Building Microservices in Java

This article series will explore the state-of-the-art in building microservice-based architectures using the Java language.

Running Axon Server in a Virtual Machine

Your choice of platform is the result of your preference in flexibility, where more flexibility usually implies more preparatory work.

Java J2ee architect interview questions & answers

If you are a Java Expert then this is for you. Let us know if you looking for a job change? Then do not worry, we’ve a right answer for your job interview preparation.

10 microservices quiz questions to test your knowledge

Microservices are a popular way to create enterprise systems that run at web scale. But the high cost of a microservices architecture.

Java is immortal and feels good: 2020 results and 2021 trends

Java in 2020 is overgrown with new features and was released twice right on schedule, despite the global turmoil.

How you could learn Java on your own and where to start

Learning Java on your own doesn’t have to be difficult; there are plenty of resources for independent study and practice.

Frameworks, libraries and languages for machine learning

While some developers may find the complex algorithms and processes intimidating, these frameworks, libraries and languages.

Performance Improvement for HashMap in Java 8

With this new approach, existing applications can expect performance improvements in case.

Upgrade to Java 16 or 17

Johan Janssen describes the six-months release process of Java and why applications should use a recent version, the challenges of upgrading.

5 Java Trends to Watch in 2021

When you hear about Java, the first thing that most probably crops up in your mind is that it's the oldest programming language.

2021 Java Technology Report

Now that we have explored microservices development in 2021, it's time to dive into the most popular Java technologies.

What We Know about Java 16 and 17 So Far

Oracle recently released version 15 of the Java programming language and virtual machine. In the new OpenJDK release cadence.

JDK 17: The new features in Java 17

A foreign function and memory API, a new rendering pipeline for MacOS, and a uniform API for pseudo random number generators are planned for the Java long-term support release due in September.

What enterprise architects need to know about Java modernization

Quarkus and Jakarta EE are gaining on Spring/Spring Boot as the most popular approach to moving Java applications to the cloud.

Java code testing

The open source Spring framework and Spring Boot, both created by Rod Johnson, are far and away the most popular tools for enterprise Java developers, according to a just-released independent.

The Functional Evolution of Object-Oriented Programming

James Ward and Joshua Suereth explain the evolutions happening in many OOP languages today.

Top 5 New Java Features To Learn In 2021

On the 16th of March 2021, Oracle started offering open-source Java 16 (Java SE 16) and Java 16 Development Kit (JDK 16) to all developers and enterprises.

Programming languages

Kotlin is popular among developers—in fact, it's the fourth "most loved" programming language, according to a 2020 Stack Overflow survey.

Introduction to Cloud-Native Java

Cloud-native solutions are not a novelty thing. Writing, deploying, and managing applications outside of local machines opens countless opportunities.

Understanding Java generics, Part 1: Principles and fundamentals

If you have programmed for a little while in Java, it is likely that you have come across generics, and you have probably used them.

Guava: A treasure trove of Java functionality

Guava is an omnibus open source Java library created by Google for its internal needs. Within this library, you’ll find a treasure chest of functionality.

First steps with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK for Java

The cloud often blurs traditional distinctions between infrastructure operations and application development. It is becoming more and more.

How to make the most of Java enums

Enumerations—or “enums” for short—are a restricted Java data type that lets a developer define a variable to be a set of predefined constants. The variable can be a member of only that set of constants.

Best Java Certifications Online

The Java platform is one of the most widely used software development platforms in the IT industry. It is beloved equally by individuals and organizations.

Java Web Frameworks Software Market

Latest Report Available at Advance Market Analytics, “Java Web Frameworks Software Market” provides pin-point analysis for changing competitive dynamics.

APAC career guide on cloud computing

Besides having engineering chops and certifications, aspiring cloud professionals should have curiosity and soft skills to succeed in the evolving cloud computing landscape.

The state of Java software development in 2021

The recent results from the 9th annual global developer productivity report gives us insights to the current state of Java in 2021. Over 850 Java developers responded.

CI/CD pipelines explained: Everything you need to know

Speed is the key to modern software development. The monolithic all-or-nothing paradigm of traditional waterfall software development.

Announcing Tribuo, a Java Machine Learning library

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Tribuo, an open source Java Machine Learning (ML) library.

Functional Interface Explained in Detail Introduced From Java 8

Functional interfaces are introduced as part of Java 8. It is implemented using the annotation called @FunctionalInterface. It ensures that the interface should have only one abstract method.

What are some of the common mistakes Java developers, especially beginners make?

A code is called a thread safe when a thread is modifying or reading shared data, no other thread can access it in a way that changes the data.

Java Interview Questions

Java was originally a programming language invented by Sun Microsystems (Sun was acquired by Oracle in January 2010). Since Java's invention it has become more than just a language. It is also a platform with a set of standard APIs and standard tools. Just exactly what Java has evolved

Tutorials for Software Developers and Technopreneurs

This Java tutorial trail (set of articles) describes the Java programming language. The intention of this tutorial is mostly to be a compressed introduction to Java for developers who already know a bit about programming and object oriented concepts.

Table-Valued Parameter in Microsoft SQL, what is that and where we can use it.

Recently i worked on a java microservice which was reading records from a csv file and inserting or updating into database through sql procedure.

A In-Depth guide to Java 8 Stream API

A Stream represents a sequence of elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate operations. Stream does not store data, it operates on source data structures such as List, Collection, Array etc.

Java 8 tutorial

Lambda expression is a representation of anonymous function which can be passed around. Lambda expression does not have name but it has parameters, body and return type.

Basic Concepts of Java Heap Dump Analysis with MAT

Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool (MAT) is by far the best tool to analyze Java Heap Dumps. A heap dump is a snapshot of the heap memory of a Java process at a given time.

Java VisualVM - Profiling Applications

Java VisualVM presents data for local and remote applications in a tab specific for that application. You can have multiple application tabs open. Each application tab contains sub-tabs that display different types of information about the application.

java Interface private methods with examples

In this article we will know about Java interface private methods, that are introduced in Java 9 version and also know about Rules for writing private methods in Interface with examples.

What Java Programmers Should Learn in 2021

If you are looking to learn Java, you may be wondering where to start. Which technologies should you focus on? Whether you are new to the language, a middle-level learner, or already using Java at work

How do you learn to code in Java? Must know for an aspiring developer

Java is quite a well-known coding language and also one of the easiest to learn. If you are an aspiring developer, you want to create applications, or a computer nerd who wants to learn to code for research

10 Things Java Programmers Should Learn in 2021

Here is my list of things a Java developer should learn in 2021, there is a good chance that you already know most of them but learning them better and doing deep dive doesn't hurt:

Understanding the Java Memory Model and Garbage Collection

In this article we will try to understand the Java memory model and how garbage collection works. In this article I have used JDK8 Oracle Hot Spot 64 bit JVM. First let me depict the different memory.

Mark-and-Sweep: Garbage Collection Algorithm

All the objects which are created dynamically (using new in C++ and Java) are allocated memory in the heap. If we go on creating objects we might get Out Of Memory error, since it is not possible.


Oracle’s Java Growth Package (JDK) 16 is now out there as a manufacturing launch, as of March 16. The brand new options in JDK 16 vary from a second preview of sealed lessons to data to concurrent thread-stack processing for rubbish assortment.

Java Collections – Interface, List, Queue, Sets in Java With Examples

Java collections refer to a collection of individual objects that are represented as a single unit. You can perform all operations such as searching, sorting, insertion, manipulation, deletion, etc.

Java's main function explained with examples

In the age of Servlets and JSPs, Java’s main function took a backseat to these technologies that were initialized with a call to their init() method, and invoked through calls to their doGet() or doPost() methods.

Article Series: Building Microservices in Java

This article series will explore the state-of-the-art in building microservice-based architectures using the Java language. Alongside popular stalwarts, such as Spring Boot and Dropwizard.

Compilation Meets Documentation: OpenJDK JEP-413

The OpenJDK community has proposed JEP-413 as a way to add compilable source snippets to API documentation. This approach will simplify the role of maintainers who work on their examples.

What is functional programming? A practical guide

Functional programming means using functions to the best effect for creating clean and maintainable software. This article illustrates the concepts behind the functional paradigm.

Key takeaways for Java developers in 2021

The software industry is one such environment where evolution is a common thing. A new innovative program can outperform any program that was useful before. For this reason.

Java NullPointerException: One Tiny Thing That’s Killing Your Chances of Solving It

In this post, we highlight the shortcomings of relying on stack traces alone for investigating Java NullPointerExceptions.

Default Word Scramble Using Objects & Methods

Alright, I'm not looking for an EXACT solution (Unless you seriously want to give the time to help me out that much) I'm just looking for where I should start and maybe a really nice detailed algorithm.

Enabling Java: Windows on Arm64 – a Success Story!

QCon Plus is a virtual conference for senior software engineers and architects that covers the trends, best practices, and solutions leveraged.

Yes, the original name for Java was Oak

Folklore has it that when a decidedly uncreative software engineer on Sun’s programming team was asked to come up with a name, they saw a tall tree outside their office window and submitted ‘Oak.’