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Our Assurance

We are focused on delivering the following 3 keys benefits to you at all time



Cut down on hiring time with our strong roster of active job seekers who have been evaluated for expertise.



Hire the right talent for your team by taking out the guesswork with our holistic evaluation process.



Reduce the cost-per-hire with ITMM® based hiring that ensures that you hire the right talent for the right jobs—quickly.



As you grow, your needs will change. As your partner in human capital development, we will consistently evolve solutions to meet your requirements.

Integrated Talent Matching Model (ITMM ®)

Our hybrid assessment model combines the scale of computerized testing with the qualitative depth of human evaluation

Services tailor-made to your needs

Whatever your current talent acquisition challenge is, we have a solution that works for you

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Campus Hiring

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Project-based Hiring

Why Choose Us

Fast Hiring Process

Accelerate your hiring process with job seekers rigorously evaluated for skills and fit.

Low Fees

Control hiring costs with our low, flat fees offered with a no-price-escalation guarantee

Large Talent Pool

Discover STAR talent across tech stacks from our pool of active job seekers.

Assessments & Certifications

We provide assessments and certifications to ensure standardisation in learning and provide transparency in communications.

Opportunity-Skills Mapping

Our AI-powered engine matches the competencies required by companies and the skills of the candidates to ensure the best fit.

Recruitment Services

Our powerful technology platform and service delivery model ensure that companies discover STAR talent for all their positions.


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